Olivier Jaume

YMC Retail Manager

Instagram: @olivierjaume

“The soundtrack of my lockdown. A mix between electronica, house and psychedelic rock”

Isolation location:

Leyton, London.


What positive things have you been doing during the downtime?

I’ve really enjoyed having some time to myself, I’ve been cooking classic french slow-cooked dishes like beef bourguignon and Dauphinois potatoes which are my absolute favourite. Also, I’ve had a lot of BBQ’s, obviously.

Other than that, I finally had the time to work on my Harley and ride her around (only for essential travel). It’s pretty nice to ride an empty London but I can’t wait to go for a good weekend trip when all of this is done!

Music has been a big part of my day through that lockdown too, I’ve been starting every single morning listening to Charlie Bones live on NTS. I discovered a lot of new tracks and have been playing as much as I can at home. Love a nice lie down in the garden with some good tunes and doing absolutely nothing.

What cool books / articles / films / stuff have you recently discovered? 

Well, I finally managed to start reading “On The Road” by Jack Kerouac. It’s based on the travels of Kerouac and his friends across America.

I re-watched some classic French movies like ‘La Haine’, ‘Ma 6-t va Crack-er’. Both are based in the Paris Banlieu during the 90’s check it out you will love it!

I’ve also watched some documentaries:

’21 Days Under The Sky’, it’s about a group of bikers who leave for a 21 day road trip across America on Vintage Harleys.

‘Precinct Seven Five’, about New York police corruption in the 80’s.

‘Searching For Sugar Man’, it’s about an American musician in the seventies, better to not say too much if you want to watch it.

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