Lena Daniel

Communication Manager @manwomanshows

Founder: preciouscargo.fm

Instagram: @preciouscargo.fm

“It’s the soundtrack of my quarantine with some of the gems people have sent me through preciouscargo.fm during these past two months”

Isolation location:

My home, in Pantin (Paris Suburbs) <3 

What positive things have you been doing during the downtime? 

Well, I must admit that this quarantine came at the right time for me, I really needed a big break, a reset. I dived into my unconscious and I made important decisions that I could not make in the whirlwind of normal life.

I am not sure yet what will happen next but I know what will not happen again. And it feels good.

Loneliness doesn’t bother me, on the contrary. I took the time to see who and what is really important in my life. Love, my family and the family I chose: my friends, my body, my mind and music. I enjoyed almost every moment of every day of this quarantine even with my demons living with me. I realised that they are good company. :)

I also finally had the opportunity to create preciouscargo.fm, a project that had been growing in me for months without having the time to devote myself to it. Thanks to this personal project I have been in contact with a lot of hyper-creative and caring people. This is just the beginning, in every sense of the word. 

What cool books / articles / films / stuff have you recently discovered? 

I haven’t watched a lot of movies or read much. Like many people during this floating period, I had trouble getting into fiction. I needed to be in the moment. For the few films I watched, there were quite a few films with Alain Delon in his early days, because I am in love with him. I highly recommend “Plein Soleil”, “l’Eclipse” (for the aesthetic not for the story) and the incredibly sensual “La Piscine” starring my other ultimate icon Romy Schneider. Three films that make you want to be young, in love and somewhere sunny. I also watched a few Eric Rohmer and Nanni Moretti movies. Basically, a few French / Italian 70s / 80’s movies with great styling and soundtrack. 

A book that really made me happy is “Be Here Now” a meditation and spirituality book written in 1971 by Ram Dass. I bought it at Mast Book in NYC, in February. I bought 3 copies of it without knowing why. 1 for a very close friend, 1 for an ex-lover with whom I am still very close and one for me.

When I got home I put it on a shelf and I didn’t open it until the first week of confinement or so I was so happy to discover it. The illustrations and mantras are incredible. This book reminds you of the essentials. It reminds you to protect your peace of mind. 

I also love the daily cartoons of the New York Times, very much! There is a contest on their website, they ask people to submit a caption to an illustration and you can then give a rating to that caption. So basically the idea is to rate a joke. I think I’ve spent too many hours there. I think I would like to do that as a job for the rest of my life.

I discovered a workout video of the New York City ballet from the early 2000s on Youtube, which I did religiously almost every day (and I am usually not a big fan of sport!). The aesthetic is incredible, it looks like a Gregg Araki movie.

To conclude I would say that if you feel a little bit cheeky but you are currently at home by yourself, I recommend Voxxx, and I let you discover a very well-made series of erotic podcasts made by women for women (but I think that some men can also appreciate).

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