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Designer + Maker: Brui Studio

Instagram: @bruistudio

“Spiritual elevation, cathartic pattern and global perspective.”

Isolation location:

Ancoats, Manchester


What positive things have you been doing during the downtime?

I’m thankful for the time to read more, educate myself on good food practices and exercise out old injuries. Aside from that I’ve found myself designing for a few friends who now have the time to focus on side projects and personally I can dig a little deeper into the research and values for an upcoming show I’m working on.

What cool books / articles / films / stuff have you recently discovered?

One article that I keep going back to reference is ‘The Role of the (Graphic) Designer in a metamodern structure of feeling – I’ve got to thank Vicky from Textbook Studio for that. My current read is ‘Wilding’ by Isabella Tree which is an amazing insight into transformative British conservation, but I’m trying to race through it so I can move onto a solid recommendation from the VTS Design lads – ‘Living with buildings’ by Iain Sinclair – I’m keen. If anyone wants to read either I’ll happily post out when I’m done.

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