Mouse (Bedroom Disco)

Photographer & DJ

Instagram: @bedroomdiscolondon

“It’s part daydream and part trip around the world from the bedroom”

Isolation location:

East London

What positive things have you been doing during the downtime?

I recorded two lockdown shows, the first in May when I wasn’t really having a great time of it and was finding it hard to listen to much new music and anything too high energy. The radio show is called Bedroom Disco which I think some people might think means just disco – but the name came from having mates round and playing records before going out – so its usually a mixed bag – however that first lockdown show reflected the mood of having no mates around. Bedroom Disco for one! A slower pace with love songs and old favourites mixed in. It got a really nice response – people love a bit of romance.

The second show was the beginning of June and back to being a real mixture of styles. It was recorded during the first week of the 2020 UK BLM protests so I included some work from one of my favourite poets Nikki Giovanni who was really involved in the Civil Rights movement. She is such a beautiful writer. Her metaphors paint such vivid images and she has a really rhythmic way of delivery so the combination lends itself really well to being listened to like a record rather than words read on a page.

Both of those shows are on our Mixcloud.

What cool books / articles / films / stuff have you recently discovered? 

I kind of got quite used to lockdown. I love a hobby so it was quite nice to have the chance to invest time into them! I got my paints out and I’ve been reading more. I’ve also done A LOT of running whilst listening to mixes from some of my favourite radio shows. I really enjoyed Daniel T’s Isolation Mixes on Soundcloud and there was a great show by cuban collector Cami Laye Okun on NTS. The radio has got me through the last few months listening to all my favourite shows and keeping  up with my friends that way. It has been such a generous time for sharing music.

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