Ali (Good Genes)

Music Copyright Manager

Instagram: @ali.mcdolphin

“Tracks that speak to and for all of the moments up until now.”

Isolation location:

In meiner Wohnung in Berlin.

What positive things have you been doing during the downtime?

I got the ultimate iso-accessory – a dog – so I’ve been learning how to be a father to a furry, a needy child that has taken up most of my time. I sold loads of records that had been weighing me down and I watched Berlin turn green almost overnight from my living room window.

What cool books / articles / films / stuff have you recently discovered? 

I re-read a lot of Ishiguro recently and fell in love again with his deft narrative touch. ‘High Maintenance’ will make you want to move to NYC and ride around on a bike whilst high. Another reread was ‘Red Plenty Platforms’ by Nick Dyer-Witherford, an engaging paper about automated communism. Also binged on Contrapoints’ Youtube channel which has been an invaluable education on trans culture.

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