We’ve Been Dyeing To Chat With Stain Shade

We’re back at it, this time teaming up with London’s tie dye technician Stain Shade on a capsule of 4 contrast dyed styles. Each in a limited run.

So limited in fact that we’re not even selling them…

Yes, we handed 2 styles over to Goodhood who certainly know a nice thing when they see it. If you’re in the market for something off-kilter for your wardrobe then drop them a line.

We’ve taken queues from the bright lights of the discotheque that we miss. It’s an all out assault of dazzling colours.

Ahead of the drop we checked in with James – AKA Stain Shade to talk about life, lockdowns, London and of course, dye…

Hey James! What’s good?

Hi Adam, all is well. Just trying to keep things moving during all this madness!

For those just coming on board, tell us a bit about your backstory and why good tie dye was so hard to come by?

I’ve worked in clothing for years, in the past I worked in wholesale for various brands and showrooms. I started Stain Shade out of the desire to learn the process and make things for myself that I liked and couldn’t really find or things that weren’t readily available here in the UK.

I guess you could say it’s a dyeing art…

I think there is more a history of tie dye in the US so all the good stuff I was seeing was coming from over there. I decided to give it a whirl and that’s roughly how we ended up where we are today.

What was your process for our capsule collection?

It was fun to work on a heavyweight cotton bag like this because they can take a bit of a beating and hold up really well. This meant I wasn’t apprehensive during the bleaching project as I knew it wasn’t going to degrade the fabric of the bag. Then in terms of colours we wanted some subtle combos as well as some bright colours to provide something for most.

That’s true, the bags are pretty durable! I understand the craftmanship and commitment to the environment is key to what you do. Tell us a bit more about this process in comparison to standard industry processes?

Yes, this is true but when we started I really didn’t know that much about commercial dyeing processes and was just doing the hand dyeing thing because it was actually achievable on a smaller scale. It was also something that was pretty easy to arrange as a set up. As time went on I started getting deeper into it the process and understood the chemicals used and the amounts of water and dye used in the commercial process is through the roof compared to the hand dyeing approach.

I think the point I am alluding to is that artisan, hand made items by their very nature are always going to be less damaging to the environment whether I knew it or not. Doing things by hand is always going to be better!

I think there’s also something to be said for bringing something into the world that has its root in the human touch. So, it looks like It’s been a busy year for you with a near constant output. What else have you been up to?

I have just tried to keep things rolling. Saying yes to as much cool stuff as we can and I’m grateful to still be in business to be honest given the current climate.

So, what are your favourite places around London? Best places for a night out?

I live in Crystal Palace which lays host to the finest views of the whole of the city and being more of a pub man these days I generally tend to stick to some of the nice spots round here. If I am intent on heading out for an actual night out I would probably head for Tola in Peckham.

Tola! Always a good night there. What’s your go to records when…

Driving: Tenor Saw – Golden Hen / Pumpkin Belly
Cooking: Peter Tosh – I am that I am
Getting loose: I Wayne – Can’t Satisfy Her

Good to catch up James, let’s sign off with some things to look forward to – what’s coming next with Stain Shade?

Trying to keep things moving – food on the table etc etc. We might have some cool things coming but you never know!

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