Sound Of Silence – Joram Blomkwist

We caught up with Joram Blomkwist who has been documenting Amsterdam’s club spaces since the impact of Covid-19 meant they were forced to close.

Typically Blomkwist researches, collects and photographs consumed or destroyed objects that shows the results of human activity. In this series we see that exact idea captured.

Read on as we hear more from Blomkwist on the importance of club spaces and night life.

During the first lockdown in Amsterdam, I felt like a dog who couldn’t go out during the weekend. Some people have religion, sports… but for me it’s night life. It’s a place where the mind and body can reset!

My work during the first lockdown stopped and here in the worst period I saw that I missed my night life the most.

"When you take away the nightlife of a city... You take away the soul!"

The process of picturing the clubs was a moment full of memories. Everywhere.

It’s in the club or in another similar space that you have memories, stories or other feelings, a place where you can meet somebody, make new friends or hear the best music in your lifetime. As well as a place to celebrate with friends.

So I scanned my network and made plan. ADE was the target. This was the moment to show the impact of this Covid for Amsterdam’s night life, tourism and the city without a soul.

With a wagon full of camera gear I went from club to club and still the project is not finished yet. I won’t stop ’til the government will give the clubs their freedom back.

Once this is all over there will be an exhibition, I’ll make sure to share the details with our community here at Wayward.

Otherwise, there are prints for sale and a donation will go to the Nightmayour of Amsterdam for nightlife.

View the series so far below:

Catch Up With Joram Blomkwist

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