Italo Disco Memories With Flemming Dalum

We got wind that Renowned Italo disco DJ and producer Flemming Dalum had recently uncovered his personal archive of promotional graphics from his well-spent youth partying across Italy during the eighties.

He shares exclusively with us this collection from his 11 trips to the country from 1983 onwards.

Jump aboard the time machine and soak up the atmosphere from a magical time in Italian dance music.

Flemming with friends during a summer trip to Italy

Outside Il Discotto loading a rented FIAT with new release Italo.

1 . Il Discotto Productions
Il Discotto was one of my favourite Italo labels and distributions. I loved visiting their big warehouse and I kind of became friends with the export manager Paolo Conzadori. In between the trips I even phoned him to be 100% updated with new releases!

2. Strike (Il Discotto Productions)
Another great memory from Il Discotto. This sticker was made to promote a mixed LP of same name back in 1983.

3. Merak Music
Super cool to have been in that record store, browsing through the records and witnessing the birth of the Merak record label. I brought their first release, Valerie Dore – “The Night” back home to my native Denmark at least 3 months before anyone else heard about it. Later it became a worldwide hit.

4. Disco Service
Another cool record store in Milano. Uh, I kinda miss the thrill of stepping inside a record store in Milan during the eighties. Just knowing that you are gonna find some huge surprises and very cool records! It’s hard to explain that to the younger generation who do not buy physical music.

For me, Milano was one of the most important places regarding Italo Disco. As well as Firenze and Rimini… that’s also why I made the Boogie Down Box Set as a tribute to my visits in these 3 amazing places.

5. Radio Popolare
An Italo radio station, I didn’t get to visit them but I surely listened to it a lot. I had a radio in my Sony Walkman and was scanning all the radio stations whenever I was in Milan so I could be alerted of any new Italo releases. I didn’t have any specific favourite radio stations but I listened mostly to “Radio Peter Flowers” in Milano.

6. Mitropia Club
I’m not sure I visited Mitropia Club myself but instead I often visited the famous underground club called “Plastic” and many others. From 1983 to 1986 I also visited Cellophane (Rimini), Plastic (Milano), Odissea Due (Milano) and Mistral (Milano)

In Milan there was this dope underground club called “Plastic”. Smoke machines and strobes running all night – all TV screens rotated 90 degrees, it was quite freaky and with a very raw atmosphere, even though they didn’t play Italo.

Other clubs in Milan were Odissea Due (huge discotheque) and Mistral. Mistral had lots of great neon light and effects and a nice DJ mixer with separate faders for left and right channel. I remember the DJ really used the possibility of making great stereo effects in his mixing with those faders, that was very inspiring to me.

Pata Pata was also a small but very nice club. It was in north west of Italy close to the French border. I was there in ’84 and became friends with the resident DJ. He even invited me to DJ one night so I actually played my first 45 min set of Italo in Italy that night ;-)

7. Radio Reporter
Another radio station which I hadn’t been able to visit yet was very important in presenting Italo music.

8. OSW
Sorry, I’ve forgotten this one!

9. L’altro Mondo Studios
One of my most cherished experiences is watching The Creatures perform an amazing show each night and even getting inside the legendary DJ booth (The Spacefly) – which came up from the basement through the dance floor during The Creatures show. Wow crazy! These are the kind of memories which gave me my lifelong passion for the Italo disco sound.

Archive photography of the DJ booth at L’altro Mondo Studios (The Spacefly).

Follow Flemming Dalum on Soundcloud and see for yourself why he’s crowned king of the cut.

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