Taylor (Stress Less / Headlock)

An interview series where we ask our favourite local DJs about the 5 records in their collection that have their own story to tell…

Taylor is a DJ and multimedia artist from South London. He plays under two aliases, Stress Less and Headlock.

Think of Stress Less as sunny euphoria and Headlock as getting beaten up by audio.

He also co-runs an independent label and music brand called Folly Soundsystem with his like minded gang and music nerds.

Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom (It’s In There) (1989)

I don’t quite technically or physically own yet. It belongs to my Dad and… no I’m not waiting for him to blow over for me to then inherent it. The problem is he doesn’t know who’s loft he’s left it in.

Luckily for me the old man was a bit of a punter and threw parties ‘back in the day’. For the past 3 or 4 Christmases I’ve heard him self proclaim his parties will always be better than mine as he twists the volume bar on the Hi Fi blasting out 808 State Pacific State at very unsociable hours.

Anyway… his party antics lead him to become pals with the group who made the record. So with some good tactical brown nosing and annoying persistence I might have a chance of grabbing a new one.  The standout track for me is ‘The Phantom (It’s In There)’ for its deep rooted sub and bone breaking snares that immediately propels my head from side to side!

A big big ear opener for me. One that paved the way for my obsession in UK Bleep and Bass Techno. Hopefully one day I will take full ownership of this drifted record.

Pender Street Steppers – Raining Again (2017)

This one injects me with a mood fusion of melancholy and joy. A comforting yet discomforting sense of cognito incognito! I remember picking this up in the upstairs room of a small record shop in Brighton called Rare Kind about 2 years ago in 2018.

Pre the purchase I was (still am) a huge fan for the duo! I’m all for ambient fused house with a lo-fi crunch. Anything for music that makes feel like your brain is on a mind loop whilst you’re floating into limbo’s gates.

Break The Limits – Brace Yourself (1990)

This one was actually a very recent purchase I picked up in Phonica when the shops re-opened post lockdown-ism and according to my way of thinking I nabbed it for a proper steal!

Not for it’s exclusivity or sought after demand. Generally because the whole EP punches me to oblivion with driving bass and rolling jabs of 808 toms. It only retails for a tenner!

Although I do own the repress but in my defence I have only seen the original reach up to £45 max. The EP is produced by Hardcore and bass induced Jungle pioneers Bay B Kane and Mr E expressed through a formed alias project called Break The Limits.

If you’re into cheesy American style English rap vocals, over UK Bass music, like me, then definitely hug your ears with this 12-inch platter of head fuckery.

The Mystic Jungle Tribe ‎- Live In Napoli (2017)

This was either picked up in Rye Wax or Phonica. My brain doesn’t have much memory capacity. So who really knows!

I remember it being around about 4 years ago in 2017 in my first year of uni. This was the time I started surrounding myself with more obscure music. The classic fresh faced art school kid, with a rolled beanie on, faking a façade of leftfield knowledge and pride in music to natter about in someone’s pasta stained halls kitchen.

The record is an eclectic enterprise made up of Mystic Jungle, Whodamanny and Milford. The record features some eerie sounding ambient, experimental and downtempo that makes you feel like you’re lost in a 60’s sci-fi film like Barberella.

Sandoz – Human Spirit (2020)

A gem within my artillery, this one is an agglomeration of four iconic Sandoz tracks and yes it’s a repress. I’m a poor DJ sorry to let all you never sleeping, eye gazing Discog-cogs down. You know how it goes!

Back on to what’s important….The music. If you are unaware of Richard H. Kirk aka Sandoz and his never ending list of alter egos I would strongly suggest you ignore who you’re talking to at this present moment, plug your earphones in and sprint a victory lap. I won’t delve into it too much, I won’t omit to saying that he has been shaping the dance music scene from the get go depending on how you personally perceive the concept of dance music.

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