Fergus (Methods Of Mellow)

An interview series where we ask our favourite local DJs about the 5 records in their collection that have their own story to tell…

Fergus runs Methods Of Mellow, a website and mix series celebrating the softer side of music. He also throws free parties in the city as part of Special Brew.

John Forde – Stardance 7” (1977) 

There’s a great Youtube channel called Contain Your Brain who always post the most amazing tunes.

This track blew my mind when I heard it there so I went on Discogs, managed to find a decent copy of the 7” and was pretty happy with myself.

A couple weeks later, I was staying at my parents house near York and, in this little village, in a shop that sells bb guns and tatty old electrical stuff, in a huge pile of dusty dad rock records, I found another copy for 50p.

I gave that one to my mate. 

R.D. Bhurman – Shalimar (1973)

I was in India last year and stayed in Mumbai for a few nights.

We went out one day looking for record spots and had read about a place in one of the markets. In the baking heat we walked back and forth through this market, unable to find this record dealer anywhere.

The worst part was that loads of people were selling sanding disks, and they look a lot like records when you’re desperate.

Eventually though we did find the spot and, amongst the vast piles, I managed to pick out this one. “Baby Let’s Dance Together” is an amazing track.

Manu Dibango – Nights In Zeralda (1972)

Sadly closed down now and replaced with a nail salon, Lucky Seven in Stoke Newington was always such a great record shop.

Barely anything in there was organised but that was what made it so great, you’d go in not knowing what you were looking for and always walk away with something cool.

One day I walked in and they were playing Nights In Zeralda off this LP and I thought it was so amazing. I don’t think it was until I got home that I even heard the massive title track. 

DJ Food – Jazz Brakes Volume 4 (1993)

This was one of the first records I ever bought, maybe just because it was cheap and said jazz on it, I don’t know.

A couple years later I heard the track Living Beats on an old Late Night Tales compilation and started rinsing it all the time. In the end I looked up a copy on Discogs and, only then, did I realise that I’d had it on this album the whole time. It’s been a while but this record still gets played a lot. 

Takanaka – Illusion (1985)

I heard the tune Illusion off this record in a Pender Street Steppers mix and always really wanted a copy, it wasn’t too expensive online but all the copies were in Japan.

When I visited there a few years ago, it was on my list of things to look out for. I’d asked for it in all the shops but didn’t have any luck.

The HMV in Shibuya was one of the last places I went and they said they definitely didn’t have it, I spent some time digging around anyway and all of a sudden there it was! 

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