Diggers Delights: Ariane V

An interview series where we ask our favourite local DJs about the 5 records in their collection that have their own story to tell…

Ariane V is a Prague born, London based DJ with monthly shows on Netil Radio and Balamii. She also helps run Rhythm Sister, managing their radio show and curating their 50/50 mix series in which they ask DJs to contribute a gender-balanced mix and encourage DJs to include more female and nonbinary producers in their sets.

Amadou Et Mariam – Ce N’est Pas Bon (JD Twitch Edit) (2014)

I bought this 4 years ago in a small record shop back home in Prague. The guy behind the counter (now my friend Vik who’s also an awesome DJ) saw the records I was picking out to listen to and he recommended this, saying I’d love it.

I haven’t heard of Amadou Et Mariam back then so I didn’t know what to expect. I thanked him and headed over to the listening station, but he stopped me and said ‘nah, let’s put it on the system’.

We stood there listening to the song slowly open and build up and when the vocals came in we both just had massive grins on our faces. Such a beautiful song, and an excellent edit from JD Twitch.

Addison Groove – Changa (2017)

I was working at Phonica and saw a customer who was looking at the wall of records. As we always do there, I asked if he needed any help or was looking for anything specific that I could recommend. He said that actually yes – that he’d love some house tracks that would be heavily based on African percussion. I picked out three or so records for him that fit the description, but I pointed out one in particular that I said fit it to a T. He saw it and said “no not that one, that one’s mine. But you’re on the right track!”.

It must be a nice feeling for a producer to have their own record recommended to them! He did end up buying the other records I recommended ;)

Orm – Discofil (1979) / Romanticky Klavir Jiriho Malaska (1979)

I found out about this old Czech disco record called Discofil by a brother duo called Orm and I desperately wanted it – both because the tracks are really cool but also because it’s one of the best album covers I’ve ever seen.

My mum was meant to come visit me in London and I found the record on the Czech version of Gumtree, so I asked her if she could get it for me and bring it with her. She did so, and also brought over some records that she enjoyed listening to when she was younger – lots of classical music, Czech film scores, and easy listening stuff.

As I was flicking through the pile of records she brought over, the record that was right after the Orm record was one called Romanticky Klavir Jiriho Malaska (the Romantic Piano of Jiri Malasek). If you look closely on the cover art of the Orm record, you will see that is the record that’s resting against the wall on the old man’s desk! Mum didn’t even know, it was a complete coincidence.

Jana Koubkova – Bosa (1985)

Another Czech record. This one is by a Czech Jazz singer called Jana Koubkova. I first heard about it when my friend Olin (who also worked at Phonica by the way. A surprising number of Czech people worked in the shop. Lucie who produces under her Avsluta alias is another one who works there now) played a track called Nijana in a mix he recorded for my show. It absolutely blew my mind. I can’t believe I’d never heard of her until then.

People describe the album as experimental bossa nova which is pretty apt. It’s full of tracks that play around with rhythms, including one that is just an acapella in which Jana plays with her vocals to keep building the rhythm up. When I went back home this summer I made it my goal to hunt this record down somewhere and I ended up finding it in a tiny old antique shop.

If you want to hear more of Jana Koubkova then check out her first album Horky Dech Jany Koubkove (Jana Koubkova’s Hot Breath), she’s honestly amazing.

H.O.A. Records – HOA 1 (Sade – Removable Tattoo) (1998)

I was playing a gig with my friend Kelvin. We were playing B2B and kept playing lots of old 90’s house records and geeking out over tracks that we both love. He played this and I loved it so much. There are so many Sade edits out there but this is the best one, hands down.

When Kelvin saw how much I loved it he said I can have it. Apparently he has two copies anyway, and it’s impossible to buy on Discogs since they put a ban on unofficial edits.

This happened on the last gig before Covid-19 hit so I haven’t had the chance to play it out yet, but once clubs reopen this record will get played out A-LOT!

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