Diggers Delights: Albin (Boogie 80)

An interview series where we ask our favourite local DJs about the 5 records in their collection that have their own story to tell…

Albin is the co-founder of Boogie80, a website created in 2012 that is dedicated to ’80s Soul, Funk, Boogie and Disco.

Boogie80 has become the online reference point for ’80s Boogie lovers all around the world.

Albin is also an avid record collector who regularly appears amongst other guests on the Crate Diggers Show (available on YouTube) and is also the founder of Avant Garde Records, a record label specialising in Modern Boogie music made by artists who recreated the classic sound of the 80’s with extraordinary authenticity.

Cosmos – Midnight Shuffle (Canyon, 1982)

Midnight Shuffle is a slick and sophisticated slap bass driven instrumental boogie track taken from the LP ‘Bourbon Suite’ released in November 1982 by Japanese trio Cosmos (Keiko Doi, Roman Kaieda, Yumiko Tanaka). Three years later Keiko Doi (under an alias Keiko Project) releases her own version.

It’s actually very close to the original however this time with singer Terry Bradford on vocals and a surprise electric guitar solo half way into the song.

Finally, in 1987 a third version was released by The Kazu Matsui Project (led by Keiko’s husband Kazu Matsui) on their LP ‘See You There’. This one is actually a remake of the Keiko Project cover but with Lynn Davis (part of George Duke’s touring band) delivering a great vocal performance in the vein of the late, great Teena Marie. I was lucky to get this record for cheap back in 2015 thanks to Fanateek One.

Sho Nuff – Hold On For Love (Jamilia, 1984)

“Hold On” was released on American label Jamila Records in 1984. I have been after this record for more than a decade and finally got the chance to snatch a good condition copy for a decent price!  This record is extremely popular  among the 80’s Boogie Funk collectors.

This song was originally released on the super rare LP “Body Pressure“ released in Japan the year before, in 1983 but good luck on finding this album! 

I have been in contact with the members of the group namely Sky Chambers and Freddie Young in order to make a vinyl reissue happen in the future but the situation seems complicated as the rights of the song belong to Japanese label King Records ! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Ren Woods – Get It Right (A&M, 1982)

This record is an instant favourite for me!

I remember finding this record in a bookstore in download L.A at the occasion of my first trip to California back in 2013.  I was so happy to finally put my hands on this fantastic boogie tune!  This song was supposed to be released on Ren Woods 1982 LP “Azz Izz” but never made it on the LP which can explain why the song is in demand.

Jon Gorr – It’s No Lie (Massmedia Records, 1983)

This record means a lot to me as it really got me started with Lovers Rock music. For those of you who are not familiar with this style, Lovers Rock finds its roots in the London reggae scene, and was a continuation of the soulful and commonly love-themed rocksteady style. This song sounds like no other to me. I remember getting this record from former famous French Boogie Funk collector “12inchallah” who suggested this record and convinced me to buy it! This record introduced me to other Lovers Rock artists such such as Peter Huntigale, Kofi, Christin Lewin just to name a few..

The original press released on UK label Massmedia is quite expensive but you can still get the reissue released in 2011 on PPU

Wynd Chymes  – Arrival (RCA , 1982)

This album by Wynd Chymes is another instant favourite produced by Anthony Lockett (member of Cameo). I was first attracted by this record for its beautiful artwork but this album is way more than that.  It turns out to be a very complete album. My favourite track on it is the Soul stepper “Body Rap” but the album includes other killer cuts such as “Checkin’ Out Your Stuff” or the slow jam “Love Has Come Again”.

This record was in my radar for a while,  I was hoping to find a clean copy for a decent price and on that day of May 3rd 2015 while digging in Bagatelle Records (Long Beach, California) I finally came across a sealed copy! It’s stories like this that are truly driving my love for digging records for sure! Amazing memory!

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