Abandoned Record Warehouse Discovered!

Before you get too excited, I should say that this derelict warehouse was discovered in 2009, has since been picked clean and supposedly destroyed. Better luck next time! Let’s continue…

This story first reached the internet in 2013 when Frédéric Thiphagne shared a series of photographs published to his blog, Les Mains Noires. At that time, held under a vow of silence by the anonymous tipster who pointed him there he never revealed much more about it’s location or how this place came to exist.

That anonymous tipster turned out to be Listen Record Shop owner Thomas Pasquet, who was the first to uncover the place after a response he had received to his local newspaper ad for wanted records.

The caller responding to the ad was an elderly gentleman who lived in Aubervilliers, a suburb in the north of Paris, which is known as a district for small factories and warehouses.

After keeping the place secret for decades he finally came round to the idea of selling what he was sitting on and in turn after holding every diggers dream a secret for years after, Thomas came forward to share more on how this place came to be with The Vinyl Factory –

"The place was a former record factory. The owner was supposed to destroy unsold copies of records, then recycle the wax to make new records. But in 1985, the place went bankrupt and everything that wasn’t destroyed remained intact until the day I came, more than 20 years later. The dude I dealt with was just a family relative who happened to live here. Since nobody cared about the records, he finally tried to sell them to make money."

For the whole story, head over to The Vinyl Factory who covered the remarkable true story which is unlikely to ever occur again.

Photo Credit: Frederic Thiphagne.

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