A View From Above

Photographer Andrew Lusztyk finds beauty in America’s freeways from above.


It’s true that there is beauty to be found in the most unsuspecting places, this is what drives us to continue searching. The possibility that we may discover something new from observing from a different perspective or a new angle.

This idea is not lost on photographer Andrew Lusztyk whose ‘Highways’ series offers viewers aerial perspectives of the expansive pieces of infrastructure that have come to dominate urban landscapes across the world. As Lusztyk puts it, “They are so intricate, so planned, and massive but at the same time invisible—mostly overlooked, ignored”.

Each motorway tells us something different from above, whilst the sheer scale of these imposing freeways are impressive enough, it’s the smaller details that Lusztyk hopes viewers take in.



“Sometimes the things that are overlooked are some of the most interesting things to photograph, if you can present them in a way that people haven’t seen before”





Lusztyk’s images focus on these interchanges, which come in an array of shapes and types, including cloverleafs, braids, collectors, and stacked diamonds however there is something else which is really fascinating about this photo series. In between all of the sprawling and interlinking freeways which divide the image is an indication of the local climate. Each photograph can tell us the season by the hue of the flora, the natural light levels also hint at where each location is.

For Lusztyk to be able to achieve these shots it requires hours of work scouting out the perfect location on Google Maps. Once a location has been found, he then books small air crafts to fly him over his subject.




Once in the air and in position to shoot, the pilot tips the plane to one side to circle over at a steep enough angle for Lusztyk to be able to look straight down over the earth, it is only by doing so that he can acheiev this viewpoint which highlights the geometry and scale of the earth below.

SourcePeter Andrew